Milestone 12

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This week we'll take the brainstorming about open-gov and reputation system to next level, by getting user feedback. In order for us to have a successful platform, we need to optimize our goals for workers and requesters both. Power should be given to both, the trust must be mutual, and the process should facilitate faster and robust mechanisms to handle the same.

Open gov

We have been working on this document for generating ideas. Please check the top ideas here:

Reputation systems

We have been working on this document for generating ideas. Please check comments in there or feel free to add yours. This week, we want to have 140 character ideas which can be added on


  • Reputation systems: Please add 140 character ideas on the top of the original google doc.
  • Open-Gov: Please revisit older ideas and top voted points from the links above, and create a low-fi prototype to get feedback from workers and requesters. If you cannot find requesters, please share your prototype with us, and we'll get some help. The low-fi prototype can be a simple storyboard such as one shown below. User-study is a very important component for this week's milestone.

It was created using Storyboardthat, and we recommend you to use the same so we can have consistency.

Storyboard sample2.png


Deadline for storyboard ends on Wednesday midnight: 11:59 pm 20th May 2015. After we have a storyboard, we'll focus on the user-study, and get it done by 9 am Friday 22nd May. This week's milestone is collaborative in nature. There won't be team based submissions, everybody has to get together to create storyboards for open-gov and reputation systems. Please coordinate on Slack's #open-gov and #reputation-sys channels.

Coordinate and create wiki page

Please use this google doc to create script for the story board for open-gov and reputation system. Please create wiki pages for the story boards. You can edit this page for open-gov at and for reputation systems. Copy over the template at Milestone 12 Template

List Your Submission

Please list your submission at Milestone 12 Submissions

Collecting research questions and feature ideas

[Optional, but encouraged] We’ll use this info when the new batch joins in, and they can pick up the ideas, research questions and features depending on their interests. Link here. No deadline, its an ongoing effort. Whenever an idea strikes, paste it here.