Milestone 12

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This week we'll take the brainstorming about open-gov and reputation system to next level, by getting user feedback. In order for us to have a successful platform, we need to optimize our goals for workers and requesters both. Power should be given to both, the trust must be mutual, and the process should facilitate faster and robust mechanisms to handle the same.

Open gov

We have been working on this document. Please check top ideas here:

Reputation systems

We have been working on this document. Please check comments in there or feel free to add yours.

Deliverable and Submitting

Please revisit older ideas and top voted points from the links above, and create a low-fi prototype to get feedback from workers and requesters. If you cannot find requesters, please share your prototype with us, and we'll get some help. The low-fi prototype can be a simple storyboard such as this:

Storyboard sample.png