Milestone 14 AngelaRichmondFuller Requester Worker UI for Daemos Reputation System

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In addition to using words to explain how workers/requesters are to rate, I would like to suggest we use a combination of words and graphics. Visuals quickly convey information.

For the requester UI however, I'm not sold describing the rating as “Workers you rate higher will get earlier access to do your tasks" if this is to be indeed a platform for *macro* tasks in addition to micro tasks.

If we want to be inclusive of all types of task postings then we must accept that the ratings the requesters give the workers may never end up affecting future work with them - especially if it's something like designing a logo.

Worker rating interface using a combination of words, boxes with checks (or ***, **, * as @spamgirl suggests in her Meteor post) to show an example of the task feed ratings in action.

Here's a super duper rough outline of what I mean.

Worker boomerang rating.JPG