Milestone 15 Boomerang mental model for requester and worker

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Comments from requesters from @spamgirl on version 1 of boomerang mental model for requesters:

Version 2 of mental model

For requesters: When you rate a worker, the workers whom you rank highly (✓+) will get early (privileged) access to your future work, whilst those whom you rank low (✓-) will not receive access to your future work at all. Those whom you rank as simply acceptable (✓)will receive standard access to your future work. By providing this feedback, you will also help to improve the overall quality of results delivered by Daemo.

For workers: If you rate a requester ✓+, then their tasks will appear at the top of your task feed and if you rate them ✓-, then their tasks will be buried at the bottom of your feed. Ratings of ✓ will not change their location in your feed.

@neilthemathguy's screenshots of requester and worker interface to go here: