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Experience as a Worker on Microworkers


1. The pay they give for a job is considerable and it usually matches the difficulty of the jobs.
2. The jobs available to you can be done instantly.
3. You can sort your jobs according to your wish, based on various parameters.
4. Availability of job filters allows you to filter jobs according to your wish.


1. Transferring money only on Wednesdays and Sundays.
2. The jobs should be made available over all the countries, without any exception.

Experience as a Requester on Crowdflower


1. The process of creating a job is excellent. The process is divided into 3 parts, DESIGN JOB, MANAGE QUALITY and GET RESULTS. This allows us to manage our tasks easily.
2. The templates which are already there for building any job makes our work lot easier.
3. Under the Job Settings section, we can set how many contributors we want to answer our questions.
4. The results from the workers doing their assigned task is displayed in real time.


1. We need to add a minimum amount of $10 to the account in order to post a job. Their is a possibility that every employer may not be having that much amount with them in the beginning.

Experience on alternative crowd labor markets


1. In comparison to platforms like CrowdFlower and Microworkers, TaskRabbit is a platform for performing jobs like cleaning, assisting and moving stuff.
2. There is only availaibility of a requester on this platform.
3. Apart from that, we already know who our workers going to be.
4. The level of information and the reviews about the workers really help in hiring them.
5. Also, the workers suggested for a task are based on their proxomity from the employer's location.
6. We can set the time slot we want the work to be done in according to the availaibility.



1. People from developing economies, mostly possessing cheaper low end mobile phones can contribute and earn.
2. Tasks like optical character recognition (OCR) are simple, hence allowing a wide range of unskilled workers to collaborate easily.
3. Application's simplicity and ease of use would easily popularize it among masses.

1. Smartphones are getting cheaper day by day, this must be leveraged by crowdsourcing platforms.
2. Tasks that require skills and knowledge should be included as well, while accommodating such tasks on low end phones might be a challenging task.
3. Skills can be graded, and higher payments can be made to workers who have performed better than the rest over a period of time.


1. Usage of the SMS technology allows the framework to work great even on low end mobile phones.
2. Overcomes location and time limitations, by allowing the workers to contribute from anywhere at any time.
3. Bonuses and jackpots provide motivation to work consistently and correctly.
4. Efficient use of referral system, which helps popularizing the platform.
5. Feedback allows workers to improve their performance.
6. Tasks are assigned in such a way which leverage unique skills of low­ income workers, for example, their knowledge of local languages and customs.

1. Inability of non-English speakers to contribute is a major drawback.
2. The system achieved an accuracy of 90.1%, which is low according to market standards.
3. Image based tasks send via SMS supports a maximum length of 74 pixels, words with lengths greater than 74 pixels had to be resized prior to transmission. During this resizing, the aspect ratio is not maintained, as a result making it error prone.
4. Telecom Regulatory authorities might set an upper bound on the number of messages sent from a mobile phone in a day. In such cases, the user is unable to earn more than a certain amount.

Flash Teams

1. Flash teams is a good framework for assembling and managing paid experts from the crowd for macro level work.
2. Tasks can be completed in a faster and systematic way than traditional approaches.
3. The user or requester need not have a good technical or manegerial expertise for successful completion of the whole job.
4. Teams can grow and shrink in a dynamic way as per the immediate requirements of the task.
5. The user is provided with an easy to understand abstract view of the current working model.

1. Parallel completion of different modules of the work is difficult as there are dependent blocks.
2. The system heavily depends on the availability of experts.