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Template for your submission for Milestone 1. Do not edit this directly - instead, make a new page at Milestone 1 YourTeamName or whatever your team name is, and copy this template over. You can view the source of this page by clicking the Edit button at the top-right of this page, or by clicking here.

Experience the life of a Worker on Mechanical Turk

  • Likes: Easy to sort according to keywords,wages,no.of hits available etc.
  • Dislikes:As requester identity cannot be verified it may happen that even after toiling to earn small amount of money,there is no guarantee that the requester will not cancel or accept the submission.The UI is very bad.No minimum wage-rates for specific work.

Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk

  • Likes: Surveys can be done using lesser resources and less amount of money.Less time taken.
  • Dislikes:Large software projects cannot be implemented using this platform where flash-teams and odesk will be much more useful.

What did you dislike? Also attach the CSV file generated when you download the HIT results.

Explore alternative crowd-labor markets

oDesk:We hire professionals and hence it will ensure the quality and speed of work as opposed to M-turk. We can see the people we hire as we can take an interview the person who we are hiring.Instead of dividing into non-quality workers we can do quality work by hiring a single worker to do quality work.We can track the work the person is doing by taking continous screenshots of his system.



  • Strengths:A person can work from anywhere as it just requires an active data connection and a low-end mobile with a web browser.It doesn't require much skills to do the job like only basic English language should be known.As we use the historical accuracy of the worker to model the future payment,we can ensure more accurate results.
  • Improvements:We can send two capchas instead of one when we know the result of the first captcha and we don't know the second one then if it matches the first one then we can assume that the person will be more accurate.The person who is more accuracy we can send more words or characters to that person.


  • Strengths:As most people don't have data connections in developing countries the work through SMS is more realistic.As typing is tedious in regional languages in mobiles,we use transliterations.We use matching till match between two of them is found and hence we can assure fairly accurate results.
  • Improvements:We can merge the MobileWorks model and the mClerk model by providing web-based entry for those who have data-connections as we can have more words in the web-based model.

Flash Teams

  • Strengths:Large software projects take much lesser time as we divide work in flash teams,i.e they can go for the self-paced work and we can define the teams dynamically.Also if drops out midway,then we can easily find someone to do it. Pipelining allows us to do work start from the intermediate stage which in-turn saves a lot of time.Experts and amateurs are enabled to do the skills they enjoy.Teams can grow and shrink according to the requirements.
  • Improvements:We can group people by their compatibility or if they have collaborated earlier as it will reduce the time due to better mutual understanding.