Milestone 1 Sandbox HITs

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Post HITs you need to be done for the Milestone 1 exercises here. Remove HITs once they have been done. To edit this page, log in and click the Edit button.

1) Provide descriptions of popular opensource projects

2) Judge the sentiment expressed toward: random user tweets

3) Find the Hotel Name Address for Given URL's

4) Find the website address for restaurant

5) Tagging of an Image

6) Matching a sport to an athlete

7) Tagging of an Image

8) Fill in the Survey

9) What is your year of Birth

10) Transcribe the text contained in the image

11) Categorize these images

12) ""Data Collection""

13) Categorize a few images

14) Fill in the Survey: How do you see yourself in 12 years?

15) Write a short summary of the Wikipedia page