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Hi there,  
Hi there,  
We are a group of undergrads from Indian Institute of technology,Guwahati majoring computer science. Our major intention is to learn something in the field of HCI which made us to sign up for the project.
We are a group of undergrads from ''Indian Institute of technology Guwahati'' majoring ''Computer Science''. Our major intention is to learn something in the field of HCI which made us to sign up for the project.
Here, we would like to display our work as a part of Milestone - 1.
Here, we would like to display our work as a part of Milestone - 1.

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Hi there,

We are a group of undergrads from Indian Institute of technology Guwahati majoring Computer Science. Our major intention is to learn something in the field of HCI which made us to sign up for the project.

Here, we would like to display our work as a part of Milestone - 1.

Experience the life of a Worker on Mechanical Turk/Others

The Life of a worker on a Mechanical is very tedious and also in a way exciting. That moment when he is up to see his balance after he spends sufficient time doing the work excites him a lot. But to experience such , he needs to do all things asked in a right way as it will get reviewed.

Our task was to make about 1$ being a worker.We planned to gain 20 to 25 cents from each website but unfortunately,we couldn’t end up reaching the target as most of the sites didn’t allow us to sign up as mentioned earlier. Well we made a final try using VPN ( ditching the site that we are users from United States ) and was lucky enough to succeed with clickworkers. We also tried crowdflower where we couldn’t find any tasks available.

We have also earned $5 on iPoll after doing a survey as a worker based on consumer electronics.We couldn’t get the money as the minimum amount to redeem the money was $25.

There were tasks only which can provide 3 cents and they were something to do with google search and all of the were pretty similar. We made 9 cents doing the same stuff i.e by completing 3 tasks. Honestly,we understood how the stuff works and that fair enough for us as we didn’t want to spend more time doing the same mechanical work.

On the whole, it was a very good experience being a worker and I guess we could make some good amount money if we were to live in United States.

Here is the list of sites which we have been through :

Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk

Unfortunately we couldn’t end up doing anything as a requester as we couldn’t pay any money in dollars. We knew that the organisers can fund up to 10$ . We were ready to pay but the problem was no one from our group has an international bank account using which we couldn’t.

We kindly apologize and request you to let us know whether anything can be done to compensate this.

A good indicator of an appropriate worker is if he has repeated clients.

Explore alternative crowd-labor markets

Most crowd-labour market don't care about quality of work done by freelancers, and even if a freelance did something you never asked him to do, you'll be made to pay. It is difficult to monitor what the worker has really done in the task provided.

General review


  • Can quickly find remote workers.
  • Easy money with little effort.
  • Small ventures can be started sitting from home.
  • Any long term commitments are not required.
  • This type of things can reach to large group of people without any formal qualifications.


  • No guarantee of completion of task successfully within time.
  • Establishment of trust between customers and crowd-source platforms lacks.
  • Cannot find relevant tasks may be due to lack of sufficient ones or bad organization of the platform.
  • Customer never cares to get back to the worker after he has submitted the task.
  • Initially, workers can only start either with non-relevant jobs or have to pay a deposit amount.
  • Authenticity of workers, who might be dealing with your valuable/sensitive information.
  • Difficult to set up yourself as a new worker/employer as the account review process might extend upto weeks.
  • High commision rates on jobs.
  • Bidding reduces the cost to below its actual value, thereby mostly resulting in low quality output.

To be incorporated/improved:

  • Transparent reviewing process. The employee should be told what the review is about, including weaknesses and challenges to work on and advantages and strengths.
  • block abusive employers who post job vacancies with rates offered way below decency.
  • Provide a user-friendly framework where workers can quickly find relevant jobs rather than applying for various job profiles and wasting a lot of time.
  • Efficient ways of ensuring quality of work by workers.
  • Restrict multiple accounts so that everyone is uniquely identified, should be able to see his achievements/failures.
  • Block scammers , based on reports by other users.
  • Standardized payment gateway.
  • Internationalization in every domain, no restriction at all based on location, or other societal discriminations.
  • Transparent, responsive, irrational, accessible, empowered and trustworthy customer care dealing with all sorts of problems, among clients, workers and the framework/platform.
  • Make it easier to create account, avoid asking personal/valuable information.
  • Monitor fraud either way, to clients as well as to workers.
  • Add ability to rate workers, clients, jobs to filter reliable ones, if multiple workers are required for a job.
  • Proper division of power(who will close the task and who will accept/reject the work of a worker?).



We really liked the idea of the Human Optical Character Recognition in a mobile providing some source of income to the needy. We would like to encourage such type of activities in India as 60% of india’s population is rural out of which most of them are uneducated and unemployed. The strength of this application is that it can be used in a mobile with internet and we all know that every 4 out 5 have mobiles in regard to rural population too. We understand that targeting such backward areas is the major aim of the application.

Most regions in India are not equipped with internet. Using this application may not be feasible in those areas.We can improve this to an Offline application(one download required) with a limited database and can update the database after the user has earned certain amount ( Which also helps to track his earnings) . This is just an other method of using the application by not using internet regularly.


We can see this overcomes the major drawback of MobileWorks by not having internet.This also supports the uneducated as the tasks are image based in the local language. These both are its strengths as it can reach more group of people when compared to the above.

Improvements can be done by developing such Android applications as this system was pertaining to only Nokia users and large group of people in India even in rural areas use android phones. We can get an basic android phone under Rs.1000 which is really a good thing.

3.Flash Teams

The major strength of this one is the tasks being addressed in teams. we can see some high level tasks might be involved like film animation etc.Hence the affordability of people also should be a bit high.The remuneration is also be good.Here is the workflow is also to be followed.

The major improvements which can be done is to reduce some of the technical aspects of the tasks and target the household women(Can be a major contribution in India). Tasks can be related to cooking and saree work etc. All women in a colony or a street can team up as the feasibility is high.

Team : pnp

  • Vinay Chandragiri
  • Kunal Khandelwal
  • Swapnil Agarwal
                                                                Thank you