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Can implement the above described features.
Can implement the above described features.
== Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk ==
== Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk ==
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1. Pretty stable platform which is being used by thousands of people.
1. Pretty stable platform which is being used by thousands of people.
'''What did you dislike?'''
'''What did you dislike?'''

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cder's submission for Milestone 1

Experience the life of a Worker on Mechanical Turk

Experience (Using MTurk Sandbox)-

1. Being residents of India, we were unable to register on Mechanical Turk, whereas initially people were able to do that. So the platform is limited to select countries which is a major inhibiting factor in the research. The platform should be global.

2. Website design UI and UX both were bad.

3. No mobile app present for Android/iOS. A mobile friendly interface generally improves worker experience.

4. Present filters for HITs are not sufficient. The categorization on based upon Survey, Data Collection, etc. are ambiguous as the same categorization is done on the requester side.

5. The number of HITs a requestor accepts/rejects and rating given by the workers, a feature to sort HITs by their rating is missing.

Improvement Areas

Can implement the above described features.

Experience the life of a Requester on Mechanical Turk

Experience -

What did you like?

1. Pretty stable platform which is being used by thousands of people.

What did you dislike?

1. Confusing UI, user experience is really bad. A first time requester could get really confused after he/she sign up for it.

2. Sandbox is also limited to US Citizens only, which is inaccessible outside. The platform should be

3. CSV file containing HIT results is not attached since Mechanical Turk didn't allow people from India to register.

4. Slow registration is a big turn off for people, and they often forget about returning to the site.

Explore alternative crowd-labor markets

Compare and contrast the crowd-labor market you just explored oDesk to Mechanical Turk.


1. Minimum wage is 3$/hr, which is quite good. Higher pay per task than Mechanical Turk. There were some jobs which were without any pay, the question arises "Why would anyone do that?"

2. The ratings by a requester are publicly visible, which is extremely good, in the case when other requesters want to hire workers using their rating.

3. Recommended jobs are automatically shown, unlike Mechanical Turk where you have to search for and filter down the desired categories.

4. The search option is for jobs as well as freelancing, while Mechanical Turk doesn't.



1. What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?


1. MobileWorks provides a robust crowdsourcing platform which reaches even the masses. It's easily accessible and affordable.

2. Sets minimum wages for its workers which is decided on the basis of the cost of living in a particular country . A manager is assigned to each worker who assigns him/her some tasks and there are opportunities to ascend the corporate ladder unlike MTurk.

3. Mobile Works has made crowdsourcing and computer program integration possible which makes the tasks do-able efficiently in a short period of time .

4. One step step ahead of Mechanical Turk (which pays the worker to a do a moot task for a lesser wage) as it even pays a fair wage to the workers to ensure higher quality service.

5. Ensures employment to millions of people all over the world "including the veterans" enabling them to earn income in a virtual office without incurring any travel cost.

6. Provides employment to people who are less likely to get a job and connects with the third party organizations to give them a virtual workforce in order to to get their tasks completed on-time.

2. What do you think can be improved about the system?

Ans: 1. Since the quality of the worker response depends on the network connectivity and screen size, some incentive should be given to the workers who have an optimum screen size and optimum connectivity so that the workers are willing to work in a more efficient manner and produce results which have a better accuracy.

2. This platform should work on providing a real time response to the workers by allowing posting of high priority tasks to the front of the task queue which motivates them to work for a longer time .

3.The technology should have support for local languages so that greater number of people can participate.


1. What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?


1. mClerk is a mobile based crowdsourcing platforms which helps workers earn money via an affordable channel- the SMS. Since internet accessibility is much less than a low-end mobile phone's SMS facility ,it reaches a huge number of people .

2. It was the first system which digitized the local-language text and utilized picture SMS.

3. This platform lifts up the youth and helps the low income workers become a part of the global level platform by providing them with supplementary income .It establishes a link between modern and backward society .

4. Other perks are also given to workers apart from money including free SMS schemes and free recharge.

5. Ease of usage and signup - The usage of mobile and giving a missed call rather than filling a signup form to create a new user is easier .

6. It spreads across diverse communities irrespective of the social and economic barriers.

The features that led to it's success are: a.The users who were involved in occupations that provided them free time and social interaction opportunities helped in collaboration. b.Regular feedbacks and motivational messages were sent to the user . c.Leaderboards which were effective in improving the social value of the system and usage.

2. What do you think can be improved about the system?


1. This has not been popular that much because the poor people can't have that much of access to computers/internet and language barrier.Incentives should be given to the users to deal with this problem.

2. Many users fail to respond in their own native languages via SMS which might create some confusion ;to deal with this problem audio translators should be made available on this platform so that people are able to respond and receive messages in their native language easily and they don't have to deal with the burden of learning to write in English .

3. Limited number of tasks can be achieved via SMS, it's not scalable.

Flash Teams

1. What do you like about the system / what are its strengths?


1. FlashTeams aims at providing accurate results by collaborating with the experts from the crowd for building complex designs/prototypes.

2. Provides elasticity i.e. the team sizes can shrink , expand and contribute to a particular design interdependently based on their interests and output.

3. Existence of Modular teams instils team spirit and bonding across geographical regions.

4. Management handling is done efficiently on this platform wherein the requester appoints a temporary manager(DRI) who co-ordinates with the other modular teams ,keeps a check on the intermediate results and takes forward the tasks.

5. Coordination and cooperation : necessary to take innovative ideas into account which help in formulating a collective idea approved by all the team members.

6. The timeline of the overall progress is displayed which is necessary .

7. Can afford dynamic recruitment(for skill or labour) with dynamic collaborations of diverse and interdependent participants. The flash teams vary in expertise and interdependent tasks which proves beneficial.

8. FlashTeams can be Pipelined : decreases the waiting time , increases collaboration which this leads to parallel and synchronous contribution .

2. What do you think can be improved about the system?


1. To avoid time zone issues flashTeams platform can create a database where the experts can be clubbed on the basis of the time frame they prefer to work in to make parallel working and coordinating convenient; the experts can even be grouped on the basis of skills to avoid conflicting design ideas and for smooth working of the system.

2. The information about the design and complexity should be displayed on an online platform so that people who have expertise and are willing to work (those who don't belong to the organizations from where experts are hired) are also able to contribute to the project.

3. In order to carry out complex tasks smaller teams can be formed which will focus on achieving higher quality results.

4. Regular check on milestones and feedbacks is necessary for smooth functioning.