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IN PROGRESS :This is only a preview of the next milestone (2) for Infrastructure.

Milestone 2: Test & finish implementation of the Core Modules

  • Complete implementation of above ideas
  • Unit test cases covering above cases
  • Documentation to explain above system

Submission Milestone 2

1) Please choose one of the tasks according to your expertise
2) Submit the milestone deliverables using below links.
3) There is one submission per task, you will collaborate with members from different the teams.
4) Make sure you make an entry in the google doc

Critical Tasks

  1. Unit Tests for Modules
  2. System Admins & Code Reviewers
  3. Implementation of all

General Tasks

  1. Code Documentation
  2. Create a list of development issues or bugs
  3. Feature Requests

Good to Have Functionalities

  1. Information Flow
  2. Data Visualization templates/Ideas