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Learn about needfinding

1.1 Deliverables

For this we watched the HCI lecture of Scott Klemmer video, then some other references available on Internet. We found that to do need finding there are basically three steps. First Observation, By observing people we can know what are their need, values and observation u look at only what is happening and do not try to draw a conclusion. different ways to do Observations Watching Doing Buying Asking Reflecting Reading

other than observation best practice to manage your thoughts are Interpretation, why you think you are hearing and seeing those things, why such behavior. Following are the kind of data that we organize into frameworks to make interpretations. People Objects Activity Frames Needs

Now last is finding Needs which are verbs and not nouns.when you turn interpretations into the motivations of people’s behavior, is what you do in needs.And finding need is important because they can lead us to the unanswered opportunity for design.

2. Determine the needs of workers and requesters (from panels and from readings)

2.2 Deliverables

2.2.1 Problem with Mturk : Worker’s point of view

   Less experience people get really less compare to experienced one
   No mentorship or no referencing is provided
   Hard to get Job as per your skills
   It looks like there is no room to grow
   Person here without experience is lost
   another hurdle is payment mechanism e.g. SSN 
   Problem of scammers can also be there 
   losing motivation as you do not find Job for 2 - 3 weeks
   It is gated behind the qualifications
   Finding Job is not small task, Forums , resources are huge. there are lot of tools also to keep track of the new coming task so to find good job you need to put in some really  good hard work
   Here motivation is two Money and giving back to community

From above Following are Needs for Worker

       Need to have good amount of Experience
       Need Mentorship or reference help
       Need Job as per his/her skill set
       Need proper room to grow
       Need to remove scammers 
       need proper motivation
       Need easy way to find job 
       Need better payment style

2.2.2 Problem with Mturk : Requester’s point of view

     Login is not good
     CSV are not proper
     Hard to trust results and have to check each submission
     Design task so that requester does not get bored
     Imagine himself as worker
     Need to find right people for their task

From above Following are Needs for Requesters

     Need better Login
     Need better CSV
     Need some way to trust the submissions
     Need a way to wear the boot of worker
     Need the right worker for his task
     Need to give better working experience and environment to keep worker happy