Milestone 3

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This week, we will take the set of needs that we collectively identified in the previous milestone

Needs from Milestone 2

We synthesized the main needs groups identified in Milestone 2 in the following table:

Worker Needs

Needs Evidence
Observations Interpretations
some need some observation some interpretation
some need some observation some interpretation
some need some observation some interpretation
some need some observation some interpretation
Workers need to have a platform to protect their rights and recognize their interests. Workers realise the importance of a "Worker's Bill of Rights" when brought to their attention by an external source. Workers lack the technical skill to develop a mutual aid platform on their own. They cannot help themseleves in this respect.
Workers need to have methods to evaluate employers and comfortably exert their free speech. Workers are divided in how they evaluate employers and the privacy they wish to enjoy. Cultural and demographic diversity of workers pose different requirements and expectations.
Workers need to be respected and their work valued more. Workers have no legal recourse against employers who reject their work, and then use it. Thus they do not enjoy intellectual property rights over their own work.
Workers need to get Job suggestions according to their skills or previous HIT's. Finding work on AMT is tough,Veteran Turkers like SpamGirl and Manish use various tools/scripts to find work.
As David discussed in the morning panel for first-time Turkers

it almost impossible to find work.

The non-user-friendly interface is an obstruction in itself when one starts turking,
and one needs to have various tools to make reasonable money .
Workers should be given certain rights and they should be guarded. "iambob" on Turker Nation was unjustly blocked by a Requester. This is about what the workers deserve.

Requester Needs

Needs Evidence
Observations Interpretations
Requesters need to get their HITs completed (quickly / correctly) Requester asking on forum why nobody is doing his HITs (7-minute, 25-cent surveys - a very low wage) Requesters want their HITs done, and when nobody's doing them, they do not know the reason why (e.g. it is because he is underpaying workers)
Requesters need to be able to trust the results they get Requesters will often rely on previous workers whose results they can trust, and add mechanisms to detect spammers, or manually verify some results. If spammers are not caught, this brings the correctness of results into question. If requesters are not sure the results are correct, they may need to discard the data.
Requesters need to have workers who have the appropriate skills and demographics do their tasks Requesters worry that they are not able to verify self-reported demographics for surveys. Workers' self-reported skills and demographics are often not viewed as trustworthy. This is a problem for surveys, which need to have correct demographic data to be useful.
Requesters need to be able to easily generate good tasks Companies hire full-time developers to deal with the complexities of posting microtasks on MTurk. Requesters often develop their own tools and workflow systems on top of Amazon's. The process of authoring HITs is currently difficult and makes crowd-work inaccessible to potential requesters
Requesters need to price their tasks appropriately Requesters asking on forums about the appropriate amount they should pay for their HITs Requesters often don't have a good intuition of what the appropriate wage for their task would be in terms of price per HIT.
Requesters need workers to trust them Requesters say they are reluctant to reject work, because they fear they might get bad reviews. Workers are more likely to do HITs if the requester seems trustworthy. Requesters do not want bad reviews, because they may result in workers ignoring the requester's HITs