Milestone 3 - Cumbre - Dark Horse - Divide and conquer

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Divide and Conquer

The tasks can be divided into various classes. This will solve many problems like

  1. Time a worker waste finding a task suiting their needs would be reduced.
  2. Limiting/Restricting users to post tasks into various classes.

Tasks can be divided based on the kind of work. Like if a work is easy and can be done by new users who are not too much reliable or if the work needs to be done quickly without much detailing, they can be posted in a separate class. If a job requires detailed work and requires experienced workers as the risk is high and the pay scale is also high, it might be posted in separate class. The workers can directly look into various classes to look for the tasks that belong to their class. This will decrease the time workers waste finding tasks.

Dividing the tasks into classes will also get rid of cheaters. As suggested on point 2 of trust, every user will have credits. Experienced workers who volunteer and help will naturally have more credits and can be trusted. So special powers can be given to such worker. These workers can restrict bad requesters from posting tasks in different classes.