Milestone 3 APES

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Initial Brainstorm

Trust-related Ideas

1. Time and complexity of a problem, and effort put in a problem will decide the corresponding payment.

2. Authentication

  • Social security numbers
  • Bank details
  • Mobile authentication

3. Automated tests to check the qualifications

  • Questions will be designed such that bots can’t solve them
  • Image related questions
  • Thought based questions

4. No pending requests, requester must accept or reject the work submitted by the workers.

5. Forums in which workers can give ratings and reviews to the requesters.

6. Dedicated systems can be developed to check if a requester is doing mass rejections very frequently and similarly if a worker is getting rejected too often.

7. Workers can be awarded some amazon shopping vouchers, or some coupons based on their success rate.

8. Workers can be classified in hierarchical groups based on their success

9. Number of views and corresponding submissions/attempts, and correspondingly feedback to requesters. Workers can comment their problems.

10. Peer worker review system

Power-related Ideas

1. Requester’s identity, i.e., who is posting the request, a person, organization, etc. Workers can view the profile of a requester, comprising his past works and reviews, credentials

2. If a request is supposedly underpaid, workers should know the power structure to raise the issue to corresponding authority.

3. In case of ambiguity in the request, who’ll the worker contact?

4. Revision time. Save your work and then you can edit it for some time before the final submission.

5. Workers have the power to reject the task or at least point out the ambiguities and these stats will be showed to the requester.

6. If a worker feels that his submission has been wrongly rejected by the requester then he can submit a request which’ll be received by other requesters or workers to review and if they reject then it’ll be rejected.

7. We need to develop a system to send the solution back to the requester whether directly send worker solution to requester or first we give solutions to a system and then to requester. this system should be job specific i.e. some job’s solution should go directly to requester where as some should go through system . this can be specified by requester at time of posting the problem. Eg. Some requester design a problem in which he gives some objective questions whose answer he already know then for such questions solutions should pass through check.

8.If any task has ambiguity or an experienced worker finds that it should be improved then there should be a system such that experienced workers can send suggestion or edit the task and it can be approved by the requester if found appropriate.

9.there should be a system where experienced worker can see the low experienced worker’s solution and if experienced worker found some error then he should be able to edit and correct the work and experienced worker should get some wage for this.

10. Requesters can made to do some part payment before which can reudce the malpractice by the requesters.

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

Dark Horse idea