Milestone 3 APES DarkHorseIdea:Tag and Brag

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Goals of the Design

  • Improve the quality of the tasks that a requester submits.
  • Adding a competitive edge to the system.


  • Giving a feature of tagging of specific workers by the requesters.
  • Giving a ranking system for the workers,and adding incentives for the top workers.


  • The requester maintains a list of workers that he thinks are good as they have worked for him before and submitted good responses.He also has an access to the top ranking of the workers of that category.
  • A rank list is maintained for different categories of the tasks to be done of the workers.
  • Incentives will be given for higher ranked workers after a month for e.g or daily.
  • If a requester chooses to tag a worker automatically an amount of bonus will be added if the worker does that task and the requester will have to give that bonus,but in turn he will be assured of getting good data for his task.This way it is a win-win situation for both.A worker is motivated to do a better job as he a chance of getting higher ranking.

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Needs addressed

  • Quality of the tasks done for the requesters improved.
  • Workers who do good job,are appreciated by improving their rankings as well as getting tagged by good requesters.