Milestone 3 APES PowerIdea 1: This Is Democracy

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  • Currently there is no rating system for the problems.
  • In case of ambiguity regarding the question, there is no procedure to ask the requester about the ambiguity.


  • The workers could upvote or downvote the particular problem . But to make sure that the workers just not start randomly downvoting or upvoting a particular problem , they also need to add a comment or reason with the upvote or downvote . So the other people could figure out the good and bad points of the problem more appropriately. We can add upvote and downvote to the comment also.
  • In solution to this problem, we could attach a small user forum with each problem question. The workers can comment about the ambiguity there and other workers and requester could clear the worker's doubt. The requester could see the comments.
  • We can add an argument called number of views by other workers. This stat result can give idea about the popularity or attractiveness of the problem to the requester as well as other workers.A graphical analysis of the stats from various post on y-axis and time on x-axis can be provided to the requester.