Milestone 3 APES PowerIdea 2: Know more…

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Worker’s don’t know who has the power to post. Profiles of requesters are unavailable.


Every requester will have a profile . The worker could see the requester’s profile. The requester could be a person or an organisation The profile will contain the following points:- 1. Basic personnel credentials.

2. Past work history i.e past problems along with their

  • Number of total submissions to that problem
  • Number of successful submission
  • Money associated with problem
  • Complexity of the problem
  • Starting and ending date of the problem
  • Every successful submission person could add a comment about the problem or about the requester

3. Reviews

  • By all the workers
  • By the admin i,e admin can classify requesters as new ,bronze ,silver ,gold and platinum group on the basis of either the total money given to the workers or combination of the money and number of problems

A worker can review and see the profile of the requester before attempting any problem . this will give him a nice idea about the requester . if he is impressed by the profile of the requester ,he could attempt the problem We can add a message option through which a worker can contact the requester depending upon the security of requester’s profile i.e. if the requesters has enabled messaging from

  • All
  • Successful submission
  • Successful and unsuccessful submissions