Milestone 3 APES TrustIdea 1: Automated system to diminish frauds

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  • A requester does mass rejections to save him money after receiving results.
  • Some workers tend to spam in order to save time and earn more, thus compromising the data.


A dedicated system can be developed to maintain the statistics of the number of rejections by a requester. These stats can be collected on a weekly basis. And requesters with most frequent mass rejections can be inspected on a personal level to check the validity of the same. These stats can be played with in any manner, i.e., we can also restrict the requesters to a certain number of rejections per week, or inspect the requesters most frequently involved in rejections.

Same goes for workers too. This system will also help pointing out the workers involved in spamming. The workers most frequently rejected will be under supervision and the causes will be evaluated. We can issue warnings, or even block the account.

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