Milestone 3 APES TrustIdea 2: Assessment

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Many a times the job is ambiguous or not clear or similar problems are there due to which a lot of worker do not attempt it or are rejected after attempting it which leads to the loss of both worker’s and requester’s time.


A system where where if a worker does not want to attempt a job then he is asked for a reason why he doesn't want to attempt it(it will be optional) where they can write reasons like job is not clear, etc.

Also after attempting a job the workers can suggest better ways to improve the structure and other elements of the job.

Thus this will report to the requester the ratio of the number of workers who attempted the job to the number of workers who viewed it. And if the ratio is low, then the reviews will help the requester track the flaws in his job and help him/her improve on his/her future attempts.

If deemed viable a comments section can be added for each job(similar to one in Facebook’s comment for a post) where the workers and the requester can interact to help workers understand and attempt the job correctly.

Also if a job is reported as ambiguous or not in proper format by a certain number of workers then the requester is notified about it and then he can make the required changes to the job so that when more workers attempt it, it will help them perform better.