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Build trust between workers/requesters and empower workers to become a central part of the system.


You can set up dates with your worker/requester through a Tinder style interface, these would be in real life (video chat if necessary), the requester pays and the party works for free. Bringing a gift is a must!

What better way than to build relationships than by building actual relationships. The best way to empower each other is to deeply get to know each other and this can only be done through a real relationship. The entire time you're working with a requester, you have to keep going out on dates with that person. These don't have to be full fleged relationships but the following is required (as with any relationship):

- Openness in intention, communication of future plans

- Full disclosure of skills, education and talents (of any sort)

- Full disclosure of your other commitments, whether in real life or with over MTurk

- Talk about personal life, views, goals, ambitions, dreams etc

- ????


Relationships require trust, and so does crowdsourcing. The best way to establish trust is to really get to know the person and that can be done by having a relationship with them. While these may not be like real relationships (they could be entirely over VC), you really get to know someone by opening up to them, talking to them about your political affiliation, goals and dreams. You become emotionally involved with that person and feel more responsible to be direct and honest with them (or not?).


Each requester/worker can schedule a date with their workers, especially if they have been working with them for a few dates. Dates are scheduled thorough a Tinder like interface, they swipe left to reject, swipe right to accept. If there is a match, then a chat opens to set up a date either over VC or in real life. You take a gift if it's the first time and get work done for free. You can get to really know your workers/requesters and it's tons of fun!

Meet new people, enjoy life, MTinder!