Milestone 3 AltaMira TrustIdea 1: Video introductions

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Build trust among workers and requesters - know who you are working with


A small 5 sec video introducing yourself and where you’re working from in a selfie model. Humans are good at deciphering information from images/videos, they do this naturally and are excellent at pattern recognition, video introductions leverage this fact to create a simple system to weed out bad candidates they are not likely to trust.

- Workers and Requesters introduce themselves in a 5 sec video, and anything else they want to share.

- This is turned into a small looping video that a requester/worker can swipe through and learn about who they are working with / where they are from.

- You can click on the video and you get a longer introduction of the person with details about thier qualification, approval/rejection rates and other data.

- Workers/Requesters can go to a screen and see a gallery of (photos/faces) of all the people they are working with.

- A person can scan a screen full of faces a minute and listen to 20 videos / minute. Moreover, they would not have to go through every single video, they can pick out the ones that are anomalies and remove them from their test results.

Gallery View

Below are the mocks illustrating how this would look like on a device:

This shows the gallery view of all the workers/requesters someone is working with: They can swipe down and go through all of the people:

User Video Trust.png

Chat View

This shows a possible scenario where workers/requesters could videochat.

Video chat - trust.png