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Initial Brainstorm

View Points after hours of brain storming sessions

Trust-related Ideas

  1. There could be an options of live chat-box between the worker and requester. One on one communication will increase trust and clarity of work.
  2. Test skill - There should be a test work the worker. Like if he is writing html in his skill set, there should be a html basic questionnaire to check his skills.
  3. Rating system - Must have rating system, Requesters can give ratings to the workers whom they have worked with.This will help other requester to assess there work and skills.
  4. All the work request should be monitored by admin and after approval it should be live on the website.This way spam request can be checked.
  5. Money flow- Money should reach to the worker once the job is done. This can be checked by the admin. A payment portal should be created and credit card details or ready cash in any form should be kept as security by the admin. Once the job is done fund transfer should be smooth.
  6. A worker should first give a demo or a detailed proposal of his work to the requester rather directly hitting the job.This was requester can select the best worker.
  7. Portfolio of requester and worker should be examined thoroughly. Various cross checks like telephonic confirmation and email confirmation should be done in prior.
  8. A star or point based feedback system on the particular skills/qualities of worker as well as requester.
  9. Time constraint pay check and rating system.

Power-related Ideas

  1. Payment of worker should be secured on every milestone he completes.
  2. Requester can terminate any job created by him at any moment of time after the clearance of the financial books.
  3. Requester can block the the payment of the worker if he sense intellectual property theft.

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

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