Milestone 3 Cumbre Trust Idea 1 - Point based feedback system

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Goal : easy selection of workers for a task by requester or task by workers on grounds of Trust.

Both workers and requesters will set some skills and qualities which defines them. For workers these skills may be ‘photoshop’, ‘graphics designing’, ‘html coding’ etc. and qualities may be ‘complete project on time’, ‘good quality work’, etc. Similarly for requesters there can be qualities like ‘reliable’, ‘helps during project’, etc. These skills and qualities defines the worker/requester. Now, when a worker works for a requester, after completion of work, both will give feedback to each other based on star/point system. They have to give stars/points to the specific skills/qualities of each other. On the profile page of each worker/requester, these skill sets will be shown with an aggregate of stars with the number of feedbacks.

Using this statistical feedback system, with just looking at the average anyone will have a general idea about what actually are the qualities of the worker which can be trusted or which are vouched by the other requesters/workers. For instance, if a requester is looking for a work which has to be completed within a very strict time frame, he can choose the person with 5 stars on 'fast worker' quality. If the work is detailed and requires more quality work, he can choose a worker with more points/stars on 'quality worker' quality. Similarly, while choosing a work, worker can look for the qualities of a requester. If the requester has 5 stars on 'reliable with payments', worker can trust the requester with the payments.

Explained with schematic diagram-Diagram