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Initial Discussion

Our initial brainstorming helped us to list the following ideas:


  • At any point of time of the work being done, i.e, even before the work is assigned, till the work is completed, the worker can requester can stay in contact and clear their queries such that there is no confusion. Also a trust builds in the process of the communication.
  • A background check on the efficiency of the worker according to the previous work done can be performed. The details of the previous work can be listed in their account such that it is visible to any requester. Also the requester history can be shown which can help the worker to have confidence that he will get paid at the end of the job.
  • If the requester is unsure whether the worker is fit for a particular job, he can ask for a smaller task to be completed and depending on the results, he can either chose to or not give the work to him.
  • The worker can be paid at regular intervals of time when some deliverables are met.
  • There can be a third party user who can help both the requester and the worker find the appropriate job and the worker such that both will be profited.
  • There can be some certification tests held for the workers which can be a proof of their skill set.


  • If work cannot be completed by the worker then he should have the power to shift to another worker such that it can be completed
  • Worker should have power to demand better pay.
  • The requesters should be able to rate the workers and the workers should be able to see the appealed rate.
  • If needed an advance can be paid to the worker, then an agreement can be signed such that if the worker fails to provide the deliverable in the expected time then a legal action can be taken and the rating of the worker can be reduced.
  • A good communication between the requester and worker that puts both of them in a powerful situation.

Dive deeper ideas


Elaborating the trust ideas:


Elaborating the power ideas:

Dark horse idea

A dark horse idea explained: