Milestone 3 Hawkeye Certify the worker

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Dive deeper Trust ideas

Certify the worker by conducting tests

There can be periodical skill check test which the worker can take to improve his profile. These tests can be any standard tests which can categorize the person according to the performance as good/medium/bad. Also if any tests already taken by the worker in any standard platform, the scores can be shared on the profile. These scores help the requester understand the technical level of the worker and assign the appropriate work. This helps the requester trust the ability of the worker to complete the task successfully in a given time.

Improved profile parameters

The profile of the worker should include the previous successfully completed works by the worker, the rating provided by the requester for the work, number of HITS completed, the time taken to complete the tasks, etc. This provides an insight to the efficiency of the worker so that the requester can trust the worker to fulfill the requirements of the job posted. The same can be done on the requester's profile by including parameters like payment rate/speed, rejection rate, appeal rate so that the worker can trust the requester to pay for the job and not reject honest work.