Milestone 3 Hawkeye Third party recommendation

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Dark horse idea

Third party recommendation

The site can have third party users who are neither worker or requester but those in between them. So when a worker needs to find appropriate job, he can contact the third party and check for the most appropriate work for him. This can even be automated if the site can have an filter system according to various parameters so the worker can filter all the available work and figure out the most appropriate work. The requester can also contact the third party to figure out the best worker for the given job considering other required parameters. Some small percentage of the payment to the worker can be paid to the worker after the worker finds a requester or vice-versa.

A chat room or instant messaging can be enabled to help better the communication between the worker and the requester which can be initiated by the third party. This can help both the requester and worker. Also the chat can be available between the third party and the requester or third party and the worker to get a feedback on the worker or requester respectively.

This idea can develop a better trust between the worker and requester.


  1. When a worker is new to the site, he can make use of the chat rooms and figure out a way to find work which suits his skills.
  2. Chat rooms can help discuss the pay between the worker and the requester which will reduce the confusion.
  3. If there are details which are not openly visible on the profile, eg. rejection rate, payment etc, the details can be asked to the third party using the chat rooms. The third party is a middleman who has access to all the details of the a particular requester/worker which are not visible on the profile.