Milestone 3 Mustang PowerIdea 1: HIT Support Page

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Workers find it hard to get help completing a task when they need it, and are often discouraged from attempting a task is they don't properly understand it – this hurts both parties. Workers lose out on completing another task and the chance to earn some money, while requesters miss out on one more potentially valuable work submission. Many workers and requesters take to forums and online discussion boards like reddit to get help and voice discontentment – having something similar to all of these in one place for every HIT would be really convenient, as it could act like an FAQ for prospective workers, a discussion board for existing ones, and also a place for workers to report their findings and collaborate with requesters out in the open. A great example of a system similar to this that already exists is GitHub issues. People can contribute to a particular 'issue', follow it and get notifications, or just use the list of issues to gain more information about the repository.


We made a wireframe keeping the above requirements in mind, and made sure we stuck to certain constraints, such as ease of use, and display of maximum information as possible at one glance.