Milestone 3 NCPD PowerIdea 1: Creation and Monitoring of Milestones

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The current crowd-sourcing platforms support work distribution by the requester, which can only be verified after the final submission. In this scenario, the requester will have no assurance that their work accepted by the multiple workers will be completed on time. There is also no way that the requester can trust the worker with the task. Sometimes, the promises made by the worker to complete the project on time may get delayed or uncompleted due to many issues. In those scenarios, the requester will be in a state - where ,he will have to start looking for the new worker or else if the completion within a deadline is very crucial then the requester might be at loss. This issue is caused as the requester has no power to control the worker’s growth, which in turn leads to not being able to trust the other workers.

In order to overcome this issue, there is a need for the requester to follow and guide through the progress of the workers. This can be achieved by breaking the main problem into smaller ones, with definite deadlines. This approach would help the requester to note the workers’ progress at every stage. Based on the observed progress, the requester can build trust on workers, and also have better knowledge on the progress of the project. Depending on pace, the requester can make changes to the wages, besides giving higher benefits to the worker who worked better.