Milestone 3 NCPD TrustIdea 2: Worker acknowledgement

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It has been observed that there are many workers, who are unable to finish their tasks independently. This is due to their low skills and not much knowledge of the platform. There are also other category of highly skilled workers, who are highly expertised in tasks completion with greater precision. Some work for their daily wages, while the rest for learning or hobby. In this scenario, an observation was made that showed that there are many workers, who help their fellow workers in their tasks. This unpaid time spent and the extra effort of the workers to voluntarily help others must be appreciated. This is one of the design requirements mentioned by Six Silberman in his post on “Design notes for a future crowd market".

The appreciation can be credited to the volunteering workers in the form of extra credits added to their profile. This can be executed by providing an additional option to the worker to add the names of the fellow workers, who have helped them. This can be used to add the credits to the volunteered fellow workers. This crediting can act has a trust building parameter for the worker. Requesters will then have a better way of identifying the legitimate workers. This in turn can help the requester and the platform build the secure and trust based network with the workers.