Milestone 3 NotMathMajors PowerIdea 1: Categorical Task Suggestions

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Initial Summary

Platform task suggestions based on the category workers typically complete i.e. Netflix's "recommended for you". We can implement a system that takes the tasks you take and finish and get your work accepted into to build or construct a list of featured tasks that would suit your capabilities and interests. They could possibly even incorporate time constraints that you seem to be putting yourself into.

Worker Benefits

If time and opportunity would be holding you down, this system would maximize your time and efforts into the tasks you prefer, and could even have a system for choosing your own preferences instead of it being automated. This system could also be used to make the overall experience more enjoyable, so one would not have to sift through tasks they do not find appealing or within their set of skills.

Requester Benefits

A group could hold odd jobs that are uncommon to the workers so that ones wishing to venture out of their solid skill set could start with a simple task in another field and the requester could have a group instead of being a task that is widely overlooked, if not only for everyone having a preference.