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Initial Summary


Create a system that monitors the average/median price per minute for tasks on the platform. Workers and requesters alike would be able to view the market rate when searching for tasks or creating them.

Creating Tasks

When a requestor is creating a task, they will have a view of the current average wage for tasks in the same category with the same estimated completion time. By paying a higher wage than the average, the requestors have the power to get tasks completed more quickly; by paying lower, they save money but will most likely have to wait longer for tasks to be completed.

Completing Tasks

When a worker is searching for a task to complete, they will have the current market rate for tasks in specific categories presented alongside the tasks that they are viewing. Thus, the high priority tasks will be those that are paying above the market rate; those that are paying less will be low priority.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure that the system is not abused, some QA must be implemented.

  • Only tasks that are completed and paid out will be considered in the rate.
  • Extreme outliers might not be considered if the system uses the average instead of the median.
  • All tasks must be monitored for completion times.