Milestone 3 Opera DarkHorse:Surprise gifts

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Goals of the design

  1. To add a human touch to the platform
  2. To have a more fulfilling reward system

Design aspects covering the goal

  1. Since the design encourages human interaction between the requester and worker, it adds human element to the platform
  2. Since the workers get rewards that are more appealing to the human nature, they find it more rewarding than actual task price

Users needs addressed

  1. The need for workers and requesters to build trust and strong relationship is met due to such rewarding activity
  2. The need of workers to feel valued and not looked upon as API is met as he gets more human treatment.


The requester's screen will have an option to chose surprise gifts for any of the workers. The platform will tie up with third party vendors to fulfill the gifts, which will include organizing a party, organizing a lunch/dinner,sending thank you cards,fulfilling wish-list,organizing a holiday,gifting coupons. So say the requester decides to organize lunch for worker, the platform will contact third party which will arrange and also invite the worker and arrange for transportation. DarkHorseSupriseGift.png