Milestone 3 Opera PowerIdea2: Flexible Tasks And Payments

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Goals of the design

  1. Flexible tasks and payments
  2. Fair pricing of updated tasks
  3. Promotes full complete tasks and weeds out ambiguous ones

Design aspects covering the goal

  1. Edit task: Since workers request for more information or marking a task as less informative will will prohibit other workers picking up and handling it. Time saving in terms of worker's spending.
  2. Since requester can add more work to the same it will help avoiding the time spent on creating new tasks. Also requester will be careful in creating the task with all required information otherwise the task will go through multiple iterations.
  3. If HITs are not getting picked up because of less payment then it can be increased
  4. When more information is added to a task then worker may feel the amount of work is increased due to unambiguous information. In this case increment in payment for such tasks can be handled.

Users needs addressed

  1. Workers need to be confident that they understand the goal of the task and avoid errors to keep up the reputation (Refer last point of Worker needs in Milestone 3)
  2. Requesters need to be able to easily generate good tasks and also their HITs need to be completed quickly and correctly (Refer point #1 and #4 of Requester needs in Milestone 3)


The platform must provide workers to have all required information before starting a task or to reflect the depth of the task when compared to the payment provided. If the information is not clear then worker should be able to put a request for the same. If number of such requests cross a threshold then the task should be prohibited from the further handling. Once the information is added then the task should moved to the original flow. If tasks are not getting completed because of small payments associated with them then there should be a way to increase/adjust the payments accordingly. Also if platform/system sets a limit for a certain amount of task and after adding more information to a submitted task, if the amount of work increases/decreases then there should be a way to adjust the payment to increase/decrease.

The same is depicted pictorially below: Flexible Tasks and Payments.png