Milestone 3 Opera Verification: Verification of worker and requester

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Goals of the design

  1. No spammers - authentic users of system
  2. No burden on requester/worker to verify ingenuity of each other

Design aspects covering the goal

  1. Since the platform provides an authentic verification mechanism,spammers will never post a verification or will never pass verification, the requesters and workers are saved from assigning or accepting tasks from un-verified accounts.Verification process will ensure that in due course, only authentic users are using the system
  2. The requester and worker need not spend efforts or time checking whether the request/answer is from a legitimate source.This is because the platform will take care of performing verification.

Users needs addressed

  1. The need for the requester to trust the answers from a legitimate user (not a spam bot) are addressed since he can see the verification tag of the worker
  2. The need for the worker to work for a genuine requester and not waste his time on rouge request is addressed as he will only work for verified requester.


There will be a verification process for the worker as well as requester. During registration , the worker and requester can opt for verification, due to which the platform will perform verification of the details submitted during registration. The worker or the requester will need to pay some amount to the platform for this verification. The workers and requesters that are verified by the platform are considered genuine and have more chances of getting work/ getting work done.

Verification can also be requested after the registration after any number of days. Verification.png