Milestone 3 PixelPerfect PowerIdea 2: Task Templates

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Task Templates


Good task designs are important to both workers and requesters. Workers benefit by understanding the goal of the task clearly, and can complete it efficiently. Requesters benefit by receiving lesser spam and malicious replies, thus higher accuracy and lesser time and financial loss.

Requesters thus have to consider a lot of factors while designing their tasks, its generation becomes slow and lesser work is available on the market. Consider if we introduced pre-made templates or wizards to help generate tasks quickly. This is possible since most of crowdsourced work follows a pattern and can be grouped together. The question arises, who makes these templates and how should they be designed?

We consider how templates should be designed first.

Good Task Design

Any template for a well-designed task must satisfy :

  • Goal of the task is understood quickly, maybe through keywords or short intro at the top.
  • Task is well structured and formatted.
  • Good entry-level barrier questions to reduce spam and malicious entries.
  • Compactness/low redundancy of tasks – more information transferred through lesser microtasks
  • Easy to evaluate (through tools) and easy to complete

Source of Templates

  • Template/wizard creators can be an embedded web app available to all users.
  • There will be a set of official templates which are added by expert requesters, subject to formal testing; and a set of templates added by other requesters.
  • This official/unofficial template model is similar to the homebrew/third party system of apps on a mobile phone.
  • Expert users have the privilege of pushing their creation to official status.
  • Each template/wizard will have a rating associated with it, similar to app ratings – an expert and user rating; as well as a comments section.