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Initial Brainstorm

The ideas you brainstormed, (at least 10 ideas for trust, and at least 10 ideas for power). Provide them in whatever format you want - diagrams, sketches, descriptions, or a combination (the wiki supports images, see here for instructions on uploading them).

Trust-related Ideas

  1. How do I trust who you say you are? - Worker Verification The worker can opt to perform verification, meaning that the AMT platform operators will verify the worker details like education, citizenship, employment details, marital status, residence location,skill set etc.
  2. How do I trust that the results I get are results that will be good? - Spam Weeder The platform should have an inbuilt spam weeder, which can detect bots based on:
    1. same worker cannot submit multiple tasks at same time or in split seconds. The platform must weed out bots which submit such junk answers to multiple HITs in short time.
    2. no person can submit HITs in sub seconds.
    3. NLP needs to be embedded to verify certain answers. For example, the answer to How do you think global warming needs to be handled cannot have an answer Cinderella
  3. How do I trust that given task is legitimate? - Task Filter The platform must reject/give a low rating to tasks which involve (This also gives a feeling to worker that the system is taking care of the worker by preventing/warning the worker of malicious tasks.):
    1. Asking worker's personal details
    2. Linking to some website
    3. Doing a like on facebook, or re-tweet
  4. How do I trust that issues related to work resolved quickly? - Communication channels A built in chat tool , to store history, share desktops, send files across so that there is more open and effective communication. This way the trust factor increases as you converse more. Cons - the requester might get too many pings
  5. How do I trust that requester will pay me at all? - The platform will verify the requesters to see their financial status, whether they can really pay money to the workers. If they cannot , then the requester will not be able to join the platform.
  6. How do I trust that platform is not biased towards workers or requesters?The platform must mandate the requester to give a reason for rejection, which is publicly visible and unless that is stated, the work cannot be rejected and is still considered as open for payment.
  7. How do I trust that rejected task were actually of low quality? The platform to have a redress mechanism, where a worker can submit to the platform a rejected request and ask for re-evaluation stating his reason. The requester will be entitled to answer for 3 day ( or a week), failing which he will be eligible to pay a fine to the worker. If the requester decides to reject the re-evaluation stating valid reasons, then the worker can get a remark from platform that invalid re-evaluation request posted. Cons - overhead on requester and the platform.
  8. How do I trust that I will earn enough money if I work on this platform fulltime? Platform must reject requests that are underpriced, it must take into consideration factors such as time required for task completion, skill set required, current inflation rate and urgency of the task
  9. How do I trust that I am respected as worker and not as a wheel in cog which can be replaced when broken? Platform must encourage giving a human touch like the worker/requester can have certain interest groups within the platform for discussion and understanding, skill set learning purposes.

Power-related Ideas

  1. Who has power to rate my performance? Worker should not be rated by any requester willy-nilly. To rate worker, requester should have rating above some threshold, then only s/he can rate worker. Similar rule applies to requester rating given by worker.
  2. Who has power to block me from the system?: Since this system will be open and will not be managed by any central authority, chosen clique of administrators going though thorough review process should able to admit or block user from using system. How to prevent from admins from monopolizing system/corrupting the system is open question.
  3. Who has power to reject my payment? Currently in AMT, payment are rejected by the requester on his whim. With new platform, payment rejection should be reviewed by the chosen admins.
  4. Who has power to support me, answer my query when I have problem: If the issue is related to task then requester who created should be easily available and system should provide the easier way (such as Instant Messenger than mail) to facilitate this communication. If questions are general queries regarding system then documentation/guides/interactive courses should help. If questions are related to administrative task then chosen admins should help.
  5. If system does not allow to put the random amount as payment but first needs to negotiate the prices so that task will be finished quickly then who has the authority to negotiate this.
  6. Who has power edit the task/payments in the system.: Chosen admins should have permission to change the task in light of new information. Only requester can change payment (he should be able to increase/decrease payment,but change only applicable to new tasks and not to the completed task. The change in rate will not be applicable to in-progress task as well).
  7. Who has power to accept me as the worker or requester.
  8. Who has power approve my skill set Skill set can be treated as set of badges. As user completes new task he gets new badge which will be added to his skill set.
  9. Who has power to review my task (as requester) and accept or reject it.

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

Dark Horse idea

Describe your dark horse idea (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination).

Please create a separate wiki page for your dark horse idea so we can link to it individually. Post the link on when done