Milestone 3 Pumas PowerIdea 1: cooperativePower

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Create a federated worker cooperative platform that is managed by the workers, and works for the workers.
The platform leverages bots that help enforce the rules of the cooperative, finds and dispatches work.
The platform will be federated and decentralized. The platform will provide workers with a dashboard of tasks to do, and tasks done. Requesters send their work petitions (task and payment amount) to bots which follow rules established collectively by the workers.
The bots will analyze the work petition and the characteristics of the requesters (e.g., previous feedback given by workers, previous work petitions made) and based on the established rules will determine which tasks will be ultimately presented to requesters.
The bots will also establish how tasks will be dispatched to workers, based on rules again collectively defined by the workers.
The bots will edit others work to have them follow the guidelines (especially for new workers) and also edit work requests to also follow the cooperative’s rules. The platform will also allow workers to collectively define forms of payments. In some cases it might make sense to have electronic transactions, whereas in other places (e.g., developing countries where cash is more common than credit cards) other forms of payment will be accepted, such as trading work or goods.