Milestone 3 Pumas PowerIdea 2: lovePower

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We imagine a platform where workers from third world countries sign up with their family to work. Our vision is that families will help control the quality of the types of requests that exist in the platform, as well as the type of work that is produced in the platform. We use third world countries because of the collective and cooperative family structure they inherently have.

Each family reviews and submits their work collectively. Each family is responsible for the quality of their work. Families who perform will receive social recognition as well as increased salaries. Families with expertise in certain areas will form "neighborhoods" and work together to review and edit the work of requesters. The neighborhood will be responsible of editing the tasks of requesters to make them understandable to other families. The neighborhood will also be responsible of dispatching tasks to other families and ensuring they can conduct high quality work. ThirdPower.jpg