Milestone 3 RATH Power Idea 1: Dashboard/Portal

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How can we empower workers professionally and socially?


The new system would include a Dashboard/Portal that would provide additional information to the community (an intranet of sorts) ranging from relevant/interesting current events, professional development resources and information regarding philanthropic HITS or other positive social impacts of HITS.

Work/Life balance is a challenge in the pre digital world; it is even more so in a distributed community. Empowerment is achieved through tools and techniques that not only provide transparency and potentially greater affinity identification between requestor/worker but improved communication between individual workers. Subjects of mutual interest activate motivations and impulses beyond monetary compensation. From Professional Development to Philanthrophic efforts, bring detail and nuance to the relationships amongst workers transforms the platform into more than an economic clearning house but a genuine community of diverse interests and experiences.

  1. Provide content relevant to workers/requesters possible content topics include:
    1. Current Events
    2. Professional Development link/opportunities.
  2. Requesters will also be allowed to highlight positive social impact of HIT i.e. Non-Profit HITS, Sustainable Activities of Requesters etc.
  3. Workers would have a centrally located discussion/forum area

Needs Addressed

  • Workers need to feel like they are treated fairly and respectfully, and have a voice in the platform
  • Requesters need workers to trust them