Milestone 3 RATH Power Idea 2: Systemic Democracy

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How might user/requester feedback lead directly to action on/in the system?

Systemic Democracy

Systemic Democracy allows both workers and requesters to directly influence the rules engine of the system through a Democratic process. One person, one vote. An absence of central restriction on system evolution will allow workers and requesters to suggest ANY modifications/features/rules based on voting. The core idea is that markets are directly connected with human behavior and needs. These two characteristics are dynamic and linked to the time factor. Part of the design process of the new system is not to put answers to all questions by us - the developers - now, but rather to design the most flexible system.

Benefits to Workers

Workers will have always the voice and the power to speak for themselves and their needs. Workers will also feel that they are truly part of the platform and not only Workers.

Benefits to Requesters

Requesters can speak about the quality of the works and accepted standards, and other similar interests. These issues must be raised and decided by the market forces i.e workers and requestors. Regulators and developers should have almost zero intervention here.

Needs Addressed

  • Workers need to feel they are being fairly compensated for their work.
  • Workers need to feel like they are treated fairly and respectfully, and have a voice in the platform
  • Requesters need to price their tasks appropriately