Milestone 3 Sky PowerIdea 1: A Three-priced Offer System with Negotiation Mechanism (TBA)

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A Three-priced Offer System with Negotiation Mechanism (TBA)


In brief we want a system to enable “Tender offer for unqualified , Base price for qualified , Auction offer for over qualified workers”.

This mechanism In our opinion there are Four scenario in which workers have difficulties in exposing their skills.

  • First according to milestone 3 template when they new user without any history of previous job. So in systems like mTurk there are less opportunities cause they are not qualified for lots of HITs.
  • Second one regardless of workers experience they need to show their previous history in more efficient manner.
  • Third group are those who has high rejection rate for any reason like lack of knowledge in using system or scam requesters. But know they are experienced and we need to give them another chance.
  • Fourth We have some workers with specific skills that want to participate but with more value.

In the Other hand There are scenarios in which requesters can not finish get enough result on time:

  • First they have specified high level of qualification and so there are less qualified workers to do the HIT, However there are too many Workers that can do the job and can not accept the job.
  • Second requesters do not get correct result because they have no idea which worker is going to see the HIT and accept first and because they all have applied base on one static price


  • balancing the power in qualification-based pricing, between worker and requester
  • Getting a fair price by negotiation


  • One default price specified by requester
  • One default Qualification level by requester
  • Unqualified application form
  • High qualified worker application form

NOTE : Each application has two main element , price offer box and justification Box.

NOTE 2: Justification is a TextBox that unqualified workers explains lack of qualification and overqualified workers explains their valuable qualification for that HIT.

NOTE 3: Default price can be suggested by automatic price calculator according to Statistics to requesters.


As you know in Mturk requesters are specifying a qualification level and then filter lots of workers.

But in our idea every HIT should have three way to apply the job through three prices. Every HIT should have a base value which is same as current HIT value in Mturk and also base qualification level which can be like current qualification requirement in MTurk. But there are two more way to get the HIT. First offering lower price than base price from currently unqualified workers. Second offering high price for those who think they have specific skills that is valuable for requesters and they are ready to pay more for that.

For base price workers just accept and start to doing that, but Unqualified and also high qualified workers should wait until requester accept their application. workers application should be with a comment to motivate requester to accept it.

Use-Case Diagrams



Use Case

Unqualified Message

Unqualified Bid Lower

Overqualified Message

Overqualified Bid Higher

Unqualified Message