Milestone 3 Sky PowerIdea 2: Three complementary part HIT Tracer system

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Abstract and implementation description

Items that are listed below are going to balance distribution of power in system among requesters and workers by giving workers to find the best matched HIT to them. Having matchmaker tools will also reduce the rejection rate of HIT.

We present finder that has three complementary part :

  • Pining/subscribing requesters, HITs and keywords

This mechanism workers can pin or subscribe :

  • Keyword
  • Requesters: Previous requesters
  • HIT's for future recommendations.
  • Workers : Workers with same skills , interest or location
  • Locations

Its like subscription on specific requester or category of HITs.

  • Real-Time KeyWord suggestion based on active keywords

Having an efficient tagging system and also tag search system. The key important point in this idea is 'Active Keywords'. Active keywords are existing keywords in current available HIT's. We need to index most valuable keyword and suggest them to workers as they search keyword in the search box.

NOTE: Suggestions could be based on already pinned keywords. So previous section influence this part’s functionality.

  • News Feed based on Workers favorites and History

This is the most powerful part of our HIT Tracer system which is a News feed. News feed is going to show Just created HIT based on subscriptions made by first part. It dynamically add an entry to the news feed once a HIT with one of those subscriptions is created.


  • Help Workers to find better HIT
  • Help requesters to have their previous Workers ( they have successful experience with previous HIT from the requester that could be a benefit like they are already trained in many aspects.
  • Help Workers to trace new HITs more efficiently
  • Help workers to do more of HIT’s that they have experience in them

Use Case