Milestone 3 Sundevils TrustIdea 1: workers who are new to platform

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Goals of the design

  1. Happy workers
  2. Trust a new worker

Design aspects covering the goal

  1. Since crowd sourcing platforms provide a good base for experienced workers, new joining workers would not have a way to establish themselves.
  2. Joining workers, until they accomplish minimum number of HIT's, will have to go through a pretest to establish themselves and then attempt the task.
  3. This way requester can also be sure that the worker is qualified for the job

Users needs addressed

  1. The need for a rookie worker to get acknowledged will be accomplished
  2. The requester can also be sure that the worker is knowledgable.


Crowd sourcing platform often are biased towards experienced workers and would always provide the info of accomplished workers rather than rookies. Hence, to give a chance to the rookies as well, requester can ask for pretest(Free of cost) where the worker proves himself before taking the task. After proving himself, he can attempt the task given by requester.

Trust Task 1.jpeg