Milestone 3 Team Innovate

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Initial Brainstorm

The ideas you brainstormed, (at least 10 ideas for trust, and at least 10 ideas for power). Provide them in whatever format you want - diagrams, sketches, descriptions, or a combination (the wiki supports images, see here for instructions on uploading them).

Trust-related Ideas

  1. How do I trust who you say you are? - Worker Verification The worker can be asked for details like educational qualification, residence, skills , id, password, etc.
  2. How do I trust that the results I get are results that will be good? - Spam Weeder The platform should have an inbuilt spam detector for removing such mails.
  3. How do I trust that given task is legitimate? - Task Filter The platform should check for the task's legitimacy by observing whether or not it is asking for details, or whether its worth doing.
  4. How do I trust that issues related to work resolved quickly? - Communication channels The platform must provide a built in channel so that the workers & requesters can communicate directly.
  5. How do I trust that requester will pay me at all? The platform should provide with a verification method for checking the balance in their accounts to be above a minimum threshold.
  6. How do I trust that platform is not biased towards workers or requesters? The platform must make it mandatory for requester to give a reason for the rejection of work to a particular worker.
  7. How do I trust that rejected task were actually of low quality? The platform must provide space for providing the reason for rejecting the task.
  8. How do I trust that I will earn enough money if I work on this platform fulltime? The platform must employ algorithms so that tasks are not underpaid that are requested.
  9. How do I trust that I am respected as worker and not as a wheel in cog which can be replaced when broken? The platform must provide groups for workers according to their experience & skill set.

Power-related Ideas

  1. Who has power to rate my performance? The experienced requesters will have the power to rate the workers according to their performance.
  2. Who has power to block me from the system? The central administrator will have the power to block the workers & requesters.
  3. Who has power to reject my payment? The payment rejection will be reviewed by the admin.
  4. Who has power to support me, answer my query when I have problem There should be an interface for sending messages to the requester about the queries related to the requested work.
  5. If system does not allow to put the random amount as payment but first needs to negotiate the prices so that task will be finished quickly then who has the authority to negotiate this.
  6. Who has power edit the task/payments in the system. The admin will have the power to edit the payments on which a suitable notification must be sent to the worker & requester accordingly.
  7. Who has power to accept me as the worker or requester.
  8. Who has power approve my skill set The skill set will be upgraded accordingly as the task will be completed.
  9. Who has power to review my task (as requester) and accept or reject it.

Dive Deeper into Specific Ideas

Trust-related Ideas

Power-related Ideas

Dark Horse idea

Describe your dark horse idea (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination).

Please create a separate wiki page for your dark horse idea so we can link to it individually. Post the link on when done