Milestone 3 Team Innovation 2 DarkHorseIdea: Bonus Pool Payment System

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For payment, allow requesters to use a base rate plus bonus system if they choose. The goals of this system are: to guarantee a reasonable pay rate for everyone who works on a task, to encourage workers to do very good work, to help workers trust that they will be paid what they are worth, and to help requesters get good quality work done quickly.

In this system, requesters put a chunk of money into a bonus pool for a given task, and the total amount of money in it is displayed to everyone who works on that task. If, and only if, any workers on that task go above and beyond the basic requirements of the task in a way that's useful to the requester, those workers receive the bonus worker flag, and they get a star rating as a bonus worker just for that task. When the task is completed, the system automatically calculates what percent of the bonus pool goes to each bonus worker based on the amount of work they did and their star rating.

This way, workers can take the job if they are comfortable with the base pay rate and their skills are adequate, but workers who feel they can do a really great job at the task are also encouraged to work a little longer and harder. The system encourages workers to do good work and to do it quickly, because the faster the work gets done, the fewer other workers will have a chance to take the work and get into the bonus pool. Requesters can control the cost of the task, while only spending extra money on good work if it's really merited.

Another possibility is averaging bonus worker ratings along with the number of times a worker has been chosen for bonuses, to create some kind of leaderboard, and rewarding the workers with the best overall scores to a special bonus occasionally.

Of course, a bonus system is a prime candidate for malicious use, so a good rating and review system and a method for addressing unfair behaviors are a necessity with this type of system.