Milestone 3 Team Innovation 2 PowerIdea 2: Efficient Search System

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When dealing with a large amount of information, efficiently sorting that information is important. That's why an efficient search system is a boon to a site like MTurk.

The goals of an efficient search system are a) to help users find only what they are lookiing for, and b) to present search results in a way that's useful.

A well-designed search system will allow for users to search using a variety of parameters. Some of the parameters we suggest workers should be using to narrow their search include: job category, skills involved in completing a given task, pay scale, worker rating, number of tasks available, time estimated for completion

A good search system would also allow requesters to search for workers who are a good fit for completing their work, so that they can be invited to perform tasks. Search parameters that requesters might be interested in using include: overall worker performance rating, worker performance rating in certain tasks, specific worker skills, worker longevity (how long the worker has been on the site), how many tasks a worker has completed

Providing an efficient search system to both workers and requesters will empower them to get what they need out of their crowdsourcing experience.