Milestone 3 TechnoFreaks TrustIdea 1: Initial set of delivered work decides understanding of task by workers

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When requester post some task

step 1. After 10(or some threshold value) workers complete their task A)time difference between when the task was posted and when it is completed by workers is calulated ..lets say t. B)quality check should be performed on the delieverd work

step 2. if t>avg set time..requester is informed that their goal of the task is not clear..

step 3. He should communicate with workers and take feedback...and after the correction only his work request will be open to other requesters

step 4. A mechanism for requesters should be there (if he thinks his goal is stated clearly ) to contact the platform technical team ..then they can check is there a problem or not.

What are the goals of the design? For example, Google's Android design goals are: delight me in surprising ways, simplify my life, and make me amazing (e.g., grant me special powers).

1.This will try and solve the workers problem of understanding the task

2.It will lead to good system of feedback and improvement between worker and requester(accordingly)

3.The work delivered by worker will be efficient and fast too.

4.A good quality control mechanism.

Which aspects of your design reflect each goal? How does your design solution addresses the users' needs?

Step 1 satisfy goal 4

Step 3 corresponds to goal 2,3,1