Milestone 3 Technofreaks TrustIdea 2: Test before worker can do work

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Step 1.Type of work which can be done on platform should be categorized

Step 2.Skilled workers on the platform itself should be hired to make a test for each category

Step 3.There should be an option to create new type of task and automatic mechanism to add template of it on platform(so as to there is no restriction about the type of task to be done on platform)

Step 4.When requester post the task he should give the skill set out of the available ones otherwise create new(issue new request for the test to paid workers)

step 5. If workers clears the test well and gud..otherwise he should be given internship according to the skill set required and then he can try again.(paid workers provide the internship)

What are the goals of the design? For example, Google's Android design goals are: delight me in surprising ways, simplify my life, and make me amazing (e.g., grant me special powers).

1. Efficient and good quality work is delivered to requester

2. Only worker with appropriate skill do the work

3.Providing internship to new workers

4.Flexibility to requesters to add new skills.

Which aspects of your design reflect each goal? How does your design solution addresses the users' needs?

Step 1,2 staisfy goal 1 and 2

step 3 and 4 satisfy goal 4

step 5 correspond to goal 3