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The Dark Horse. A magical, mystical creature. It's not the idea everyone wanted, it's the idea everyone needed.

A Minimum Wage

Oddly enough, the minimum wage began as a way to set the maximum amount you could pay laborers, and when the laws were eventually altered, a minimum living wage was also set up. Similarly, a worthwhile effort here is to set up a system to create a minimum wage.

Minimum wage may be paid per project, and each type of work can have its own standardized, set amount of minimum pay.

Can satisfaction in a job well done be important?

We noticed when going through papers and forums that many academics, and even Turkers in general took great satisfaction in doing jobs that involved something to do with research. In effect, they felt partly compensated for doing something that we think can be considered "worthwhile". This may be an important fact to keep in mind when calculating something like the minimum wage. The problem with "worthwhileness" is that it's hard to set an actual value to. How do you judge worthwhileness? Is it judged by the Requester or the Turker? Regardless, we believe this is a crucial aspect of the minimum wage, as simply a monetary amount is insifficient to judge a task on AMT, or any CrowdSourcing platform for that matter.

For example, regardless of the outcome of this particular Crowdsourcing experiment we are all participating in, I enjoy the feeling that some of our ideas may actually be used in a new crowdsourcing platform. Just that idea makes this whole process worthwhile for me.