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Workers: "how do I know I'll get paid?"

For people working on the Internet, getting paid is one thing. but being reassured that you'll be paid for your work and time (and feeling this way even before performing the task) is another. Requestors, too, are hesitant to pay workers if the work isn't finished or done with quality. This being said, we propose a contract system ensuring workers that they'll get paid after they finish 75% of their work in full. If they do not finish their work, their initial pay will suffer reduction.

The dichotomy of guaranteed payment and a punishment (to reiterate: reduced payment) is meant to empower workers and motivate them with cash benefits to keep producing quality work. This is also designed to help workers save time from unpaid work and unexplained rejections -- two things that may result in pushing good workers away, and fail to attract new good workers to the market.

How This System Will Work

This payment contract will consist of detailed documentation that needs to be accepted by both requestor and worker when each signs up for an account. It acts as a "Bill of Rights," in a sense, for both requestor and worker, as well as a source of laws each party must adhere to.This contract borrows the idea of a W-4 form that employees sign before they start their jobs that holds both the employer and employee accountable and establishes power for each party.

Moreover, users will be able to easily access this contract on the crowdsourcing platform and network by including it in a "Policies" link on the website footer. We want it to be easy for users to be able to go back to the contract and have a document of reference when they want to check when power is abused.

Tracking 75% of Work Done

When the worker performs a task, there will be a horizontal visual bar noting their progress on the right, from 0% to 100%.